IOidcFrontendClient Interface


Interface to implement a typical frontend client



Name Description
getAccessToken(requestContext?: ClientRequestContext): Promise<AccessToken> Returns a promise that resolves to the AccessToken if signed in.  
initialize(requestContext: ClientRequestContext): Promise<void> Used to initialize the client - must be awaited before any other methods are called  
Called to start the sign-in process.  
signOut(requestContext: ClientRequestContext): Promise<void> Called to start the sign-out process.  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
dispose(): void IDisposable Disposes of any resources owned by this object.


Name Type Description
hasExpired boolean Set to true if the user has signed in, but the token has expired and requires a refresh  
hasSignedIn boolean Set to true if signed in - the accessToken may be active or may have expired and require a refresh  
isAuthorized boolean Set to true if there's a current authorized user or client (in the case of agent applications).  
onUserStateChanged BeEvent<(token: AccessToken | undefined) => void> Event called when the user's sign-in state changes  

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Last Updated: 06 May, 2020