UiFramework Class

Manages the Redux store, I18N service and iModel, Project and Login services for the ui-framework package.


Name Description
closeCursorMenu(): void Static   Beta
dispatchActionToStore(type: string, payload: any, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static    
getAccudrawSnapMode(): SnapMode Static    
getActiveIModelId(): string Static    
getActiveSelectionScope(): string Static    
getAvailableSelectionScopes(): PresentationSelectionScope[] Static   Beta
getColorTheme(): string Static    
getCursorMenuData(): CursorMenuData | undefined Static   Beta
getDefaultIModelViewportControlId(): string | undefined Static    
getDefaultViewId(): string | undefined Static    
getDefaultViewState(): ViewState | undefined Static    
getIModelConnection(): IModelConnection | undefined Static    
getIsUiVisible(): boolean Static    
getUserInfo(): UserInfo | undefined Static   Beta
getWidgetOpacity(): number Static    
initialize(store: Store<any> | undefined, i18n?: I18N, frameworkStateKey?: string): Promise<void> Static Called by the application to initialize the UiFramework.  
isMobile(): boolean Static    
openCursorMenu(menuData: CursorMenuData | undefined): void Static   Beta
setAccudrawSnapMode(snapMode: SnapMode): void Static    
setActiveIModelId(iModelId: string): void Static    
setActiveSelectionScope(selectionScopeId: string): void Static    
setColorTheme(theme: string): void Static    
setDefaultIModelViewportControlId(iModelViewportControlId: string, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static    
setDefaultViewId(viewId: string, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static    
setDefaultViewState(viewState: ViewState, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static    
setIModelConnection(iModelConnection: IModelConnection | undefined, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static    
setIsUiVisible(visible: boolean): void Static    
setUserInfo(userInfo: UserInfo | undefined, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static   Beta
setWidgetOpacity(opacity: number): void Static    
terminate(): void Static Unregisters the UiFramework internationalization service namespace  


Name Type Description
backstageManager Accessor StaticReadOnly BackstageManager   Beta
frameworkState Accessor StaticReadOnly FrameworkState | undefined The UiFramework state maintained by Redux Beta
frameworkStateKey Accessor StaticReadOnly string   Beta
i18n Accessor StaticReadOnly I18N The internationalization service created by the app.  
i18nNamespace Accessor StaticReadOnly string The internationalization service namespace.  
initialized Accessor StaticReadOnly boolean Determines if UiFramework has been initialized  
onUiVisibilityChanged Static UiVisibilityChangedEvent Get Show Ui event.  
store Accessor StaticReadOnly Store<any> The Redux store  

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Last Updated: 13 May, 2020