Classes for working with an Item in a Tool Widget, Navigation Widget or Backstage


Name Description  
ActionButtonItemDef Abstract base class that is used by classes to execute an action when pressed.  
ActionItemButton A Toolbar button React Component that executes an action defined by a CommandItemDef or a ToolItemDef.  
CommandItemDef An Item that executes a Command.  
ConditionalItemDef An Item that conditionally renders other items based on UiSync events. Beta
CustomItemDef An Item that renders a React component. Beta
GroupItemDef An Item that opens a group of items.  
ItemDefBase The base class for Items.  
ItemList Contains a list of Items.  
ItemMap Contains a map of Items.  
PopupButton Used to provide custom popup button in toolbar.  
ToolButton Tool Button React Component.  
ToolInformation Provides information about a tool with a given id, including the ToolUiProvider.  
ToolItemDef An Item that starts the execution of a Tool.  


Name Description  
Icon Icon Functional component. Deprecated
ToolbarDragInteractionContext Context used to enable toolbar drag interaction. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
GroupButton Group Button React component  


Name Description  
ActionItemButtonProps Properties that must be specified for a ActionItemButton component  
BaseItemState Base state for any 'stateful' React component  
CommandItemProps Properties for a Command item.  
ConditionalItemProps Definition for a Conditional item that conditionally renders other items based on UiSync events. Beta
CustomItemProps Definition for a Custom item that renders a React component. Beta
GroupButtonProps Properties for the GroupButtonProps.GroupButton React component  
GroupItemProps Definition for a Group item that opens a group of items.  
IconProps Properties for the IconProps.Icon React component. Deprecated
ItemProps Definition that specifies properties shared between many ConfigurableUi components.  
PopupButtonChildrenRenderPropArgs Arguments of PopupButtonChildrenRenderPropArgs.PopupButtonChildrenRenderProp.  
PopupButtonProps Properties for the PopupButtonProps.PopupButton React component  
ToolButtonProps Properties for the ToolButtonProps.ToolButton React Component.  
ToolItemProps Properties for a Tool item with a tool id.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
AnyItemDef Union of all Item definitions that can be specified in a GroupItem  
AnyToolbarItemDef Union of all Item definitions that can be specified in a Toolbar  
IconSpec Prototype for an IconSpec which can be a string or a ReactNode. Deprecated
MenuItemProps Menu Item Properties Beta
PopupButtonChildrenRenderProp Type of PopupButtonProps.children when used as render prop.  

Last Updated: 24 January, 2020