Classes for working with Loading spinner and progress indicator.


Name Description  
LoadingBar A loading bar with optional percentage text. Beta
LoadingPrompt A component to display during loading. Beta
LoadingSpinner A loading spinner component. Beta
LoadingStatus A loading indicator that shows status text along with the percentage. Beta
Spinner A spinner component.  


Name Description  
SpinnerSize Size for SpinnerSize.Spinner component  


Name Description  
LoadingBarProps Properties for LoadingBarProps.LoadingBar component Beta
LoadingPromptProps Properties for LoadingPromptProps.LoadingPrompt component Beta
LoadingSpinnerProps Properties for LoadingSpinnerProps.LoadingSpinner component Beta
LoadingStatusProps Properties for LoadingStatusProps.LoadingStatus component Beta
SpinnerProps Properties for SpinnerProps.Spinner component  

Last Updated: 24 January, 2020