Classes for working with a Tree.


Name Description  
BeInspireTree Bentley wrapper for 'inspire-tree'  
CellEditingEngine Tree Cell editing information Beta
EventsMuteContext A context which keeps EventsMuteContext.BeInspireTree events muted until  
HighlightingEngine Tree highlighting engine Beta
MutableTreeModel Mutable tree model which holds nodes and allows adding or removing them. Beta
PagedTreeNodeLoader Default paged tree node loader with TreeDataProvider implementation. Beta
SimpleTreeDataProvider A tree data provider using SimpleTreeDataProvider.SimpleTreeDataProviderHierarchy.  
SparseArray Structure for sparse array value storage. Beta
Tree A Tree React component that uses the core of BeInspireTree  
TreeEventHandler Default tree event handler. Beta
TreeImageLoader Default image loader for the tree  
TreeModelSource Controls tree model and visible tree nodes. Beta
TreeNode Default component for rendering a node for the Tree  
TreeNodeLoader Default tree node loader with TreeDataProvider implementation. Beta


Name Description  
TreeNodeRenderer Default component for rendering tree node. Beta
TreeRendererContextConsumer Context of TreeRendererContextConsumer.TreeRenderer consumer. Beta
TreeRendererContextProvider Context of TreeRendererContextProvider.TreeRenderer provider. Beta
useTreeRendererContext Custom hook to use useTreeRendererContext.TreeRenderer context. Beta


Name Description  
BeInspireTreeEvent Enum containing all events that may be emitted by BeInspireTreeEvent.BeInspireTree  

Global Functions

Name Description  
ControlledTree React tree component which rendering is fully controlled from outside. Beta
createDefaultNodeLoadHandler Creates a function which can handle ITreeNodeLoader onNodeLoaded event. Beta
createModelSourceForNodeLoader Creates new model source and adds listener to supplied node loader's onNodeLoaded event Beta
from Helper method that creates an Observable from Iterable or Promise. Beta
hasChildren Determines whether node has children  
isTreeDataProviderInterface Checks if isTreeDataProviderInterface.TreeDataProvider is an isTreeDataProviderInterface.ITreeDataProvider  
isTreeDataProviderMethod Checks if isTreeDataProviderMethod.TreeDataProvider is a isTreeDataProviderMethod.TreeDataProviderMethod  
isTreeDataProviderPromise Checks if isTreeDataProviderPromise.TreeDataProvider is a isTreeDataProviderPromise.TreeDataProviderPromise  
isTreeDataProviderRaw Checks if isTreeDataProviderRaw.TreeDataProvider is a isTreeDataProviderRaw.TreeDataProviderRaw  
isTreeModelNode Checks if object is isTreeModelNode.TreeModelNode Beta
isTreeModelNodePlaceholder Checks if object is isTreeModelNodePlaceholder.TreeModelNodePlaceholder Beta
isTreeModelRootNode Checks if object is isTreeModelRootNode.TreeModelRootNode Beta
TreeNodeEditor React component for displaying tree node editor Beta
TreeNodeIcon React component that renders tree node icons  
TreeRenderer Default component for rendering tree. Beta
useModelSource Custom hook which creates TreeModelSource and modifies model when onNodeLoaded event is emitted. Beta
useNodeLoader Custom hook which creates TreeNodeLoader for supplied dataProvider. Beta
usePagedNodeLoader Custom hook which creates PagedTreeNodeLoader for supplied dataProvider. Beta
useVisibleTreeNodes Custom hook which returns visible nodes from model source and subscribes to onModelChanged event. Beta
withTreeDragDrop A HOC component that adds drag and drop functionality to the supplied Beta


Name Description  
ActiveMatchInfo Active match info for highlightable ActiveMatchInfo.Tree Beta
BeInspireTreeDataProviderInterface Signature for BeInspireTree data provider  
BeInspireTreeNode Type definition for all BeInspireTree nodes  
BeInspireTreeNodeConfig Be alias for Inspire.NodeConfig  
BeInspireTreeNodeITree Be alias for Inspire.NodeConfig.ITree  
BeInspireTreeNodePayloadConfig Data structure for BeInspireTreeNodePayloadConfig.BeInspireTreeNodeConfig with our injected props  
BeInspireTreeNodes Definition of a list of BeInspireTreeNodes.BeInspireTreeNode with some additional filtering methods  
BeInspireTreeProps Configuration properties for BeInspireTreeProps.BeInspireTree  
CheckBoxInfo Immutable data structure that describes checkbox info. Beta
CheckboxStateChange Data structure that describes checkbox state change. Beta
CompletionObserver CompletionObserver interface compatible with rxjs Beta
ControlledTreeProps Properties for ControlledTreeProps.ControlledTree Beta
DelayLoadedTreeNodeItem A DelayLoadedTreeNodeItem.TreeNodeItem for delay-loaded trees  
EditableTreeDataProvider EditableTreeDataProvider provides cell editing processing for the Tree.  
EditableTreeProps Properties for a EditableTreeProps.Tree that has cell editing enabled Beta
ErrorObserver ErrorObserver interface compatible with rxjs Beta
ExtendedTreeNodeRendererProps Extended properties for ExtendedTreeNodeRendererProps.TreeNodeRenderer. Beta
HighlightableTreeNodeProps Properties for a highlightable HighlightableTreeNodeProps.TreeNode Beta
HighlightableTreeProps Properties for the HighlightableTreeProps.HighlightingEngine Beta
ImmediatelyLoadedTreeNodeItem A ImmediatelyLoadedTreeNodeItem.TreeNodeItem for immediately loaded trees  
ITreeDataProvider Interface for a tree data provider class  
ITreeImageLoader Interface for a tree image loader  
ITreeNodeLoader Tree node loader which is used to load tree nodes. Beta
ITreeNodeLoaderWithProvider Tree node loader which uses TreeDataProvider to load nodes. Beta
LoadedNodeHierarchy Data structure that describes hierarchy loaded for parent node. Beta
LoadedNodeHierarchyItem Data structure that describes one loaded hierarchy item. Beta
MutableCheckBoxInfo Mutable data structure that describes checkbox info. Beta
MutableTreeDataProvider MutableTreeDataProvider provides manipulation processing for the Tree. Beta
MutableTreeModelNode Mutable data structure that describes tree node. Beta
NextObserver NextObserver interface compatible with rxjs Beta
NodeCheckboxProps Properties for Checkbox in NodeCheckboxProps.TreeNode  
Observable Observable interface compatible with rxjs Beta
Subscribable Subscribable interface compatible with rxjs Beta
Subscription Subscription interface compatible with rxjs Beta
TreeActions Tree actions that can be performed on tree. Beta
TreeCellUpdatedArgs Arguments for the Tree Cell Updated event callback Beta
TreeCheckboxStateChangeEvent Data structure that describes tree checkbox state change event payload. Beta
TreeDragDropProps Props that are injected to the HOC component. Beta
TreeEditingParams Params used for tree node editing. Beta
TreeEventHandlerParams Data structure that describes tree event handler params. Beta
TreeEvents Tree events that can occur while interacting with tree. Beta
TreeModel Data structure that describes tree model. Beta
TreeModelNode Immutable data structure that describes tree node. Beta
TreeModelNodeEditingInfo Data structure that holds callbacks used for tree node editing. Beta
TreeModelNodeInput Data structure that describes input used to create tree node. Beta
TreeModelNodePlaceholder Data structure that describes tree node placeholder. Beta
TreeModelRootNode Data structure that describes tree root node. Beta
TreeNodeEditorProps Properties for TreeNodeEditor component Beta
TreeNodeEvent Data structure that describes tree node event payload. Beta
TreeNodeIconProps Properties for TreeNodeIconProps.TreeNodeIcon React component  
TreeNodeItem A node item which can be displayed in a tree.  
TreeNodeProps Properties for TreeNodeProps.TreeNode React component  
TreeNodeRendererProps Properties for TreeNodeRendererProps.TreeNodeRenderer. Beta
TreeProps Properties for the TreeProps.Tree component  
TreeRendererContext Context of TreeRendererContext.TreeRenderer component. Beta
TreeRendererProps Properties for TreeRendererProps.TreeRenderer component. Beta
TreeSelectionChange Data structure that describes tree selection change. Beta
TreeSelectionModificationEvent Data structure that describes tree selection modification event payload. Beta
TreeSelectionReplacementEvent Data structure that describes tree selection replacement event payload. Beta
Unsubscribable Unsubscribable interface compatible with rxjs Beta
VisibleTreeNodes Data structure that describes set of visible tree nodes as a flat list. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
BeInspireTreeDataProvider Type definition for all BeInspireTree data providers  
BeInspireTreeDataProviderMethod Signature for BeInspireTree data provider  
BeInspireTreeDataProviderPromise A Promise for DataProviderRaw  
BeInspireTreeDataProviderRaw Array of tree node data elements  
BeInspireTreeRenderer Type definition for a BeInspireTree renderer  
GetCurrentlyEditedNode Prototype for function to get the currently edited tree node Beta
MapPayloadToInspireNodeCallback Prototype for BeInspireTreeProps.mapPayloadToInspireNodeConfig  
Observer Observer interface compatible with rxjs Beta
SetCurrentlyEditedNode Prototype for function to set the currently edited tree node Beta
SimpleTreeDataProviderHierarchy Used by SimpleTreeDataProviderHierarchy.SimpleTreeDataProvider.  
TreeDataChangesListener An interface tree data change listeners.  
TreeDataProvider Type definition for all BeInspireTree data providers  
TreeDataProviderMethod Signature for a method that returns TreeDataProviderPromise for supplied parent node  
TreeDataProviderPromise A Promise for TreeDataProviderRaw  
TreeDataProviderRaw Array of tree node data elements  
TreeDragDropType Type for drag and drop, Beta
TreeModelNodeType Type definition of all tree model nodes. Beta
TreeNodeEditorRenderer Type for tree node editor renderer Beta
TreeNodeItemData Type definition of tree node item data. Beta

Last Updated: 24 January, 2020