ColorPickerProps Interface


Properties for the ColorPickerButton React component



Name Type Description
colorDefs undefined | ColorDef[] Available colors  
disabled undefined | false | true Disabled or not  
dropDownTitle undefined | string Title to show at top of DropDown  
initialColor ColorDef Active color  
numColumns undefined | number Number of columns  
onColorPick (color: ColorDef) => void | undefined Function to run when user selects color swatch  
readonly undefined | false | true Readonly or not  
round undefined | false | true Show swatches as squares unless round is set to true  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
about undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
accessKey undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
aria-activedescendant undefined | string AriaAttributes Identifies the currently active element when DOM focus is on a composite widget, textbox, group, or application.
aria-atomic boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates whether assistive technologies will present all, or only parts of, the changed region based on the change notifications defined by the aria-relevant attribute.
aria-autocomplete "none" = undefined | "inline" = undefined | "list" = undefined | "both" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates whether inputting text could trigger display of one or more predictions of the user's intended value for an input and specifies how predictions would be
aria-busy boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates an element is being modified and that assistive technologies MAY want to wait until the modifications are complete before exposing them to the user.
aria-checked boolean | "false" = undefined | "mixed" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates the current "checked" state of checkboxes, radio buttons, and other widgets.
aria-colcount undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines the total number of columns in a table, grid, or treegrid.
aria-colindex undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines an element's column index or position with respect to the total number of columns within a table, grid, or treegrid.
aria-colspan undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines the number of columns spanned by a cell or gridcell within a table, grid, or treegrid.
aria-controls undefined | string AriaAttributes Identifies the element (or elements) whose contents or presence are controlled by the current element.
aria-current boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined | "page" = undefined | "step" = undefined | "location" = undefined | "date" = undefined | "time" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates the element that represents the current item within a container or set of related elements.
aria-describedby undefined | string AriaAttributes Identifies the element (or elements) that describes the object.
aria-details undefined | string AriaAttributes Identifies the element that provides a detailed, extended description for the object.
aria-disabled boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates that the element is perceivable but disabled, so it is not editable or otherwise operable.
aria-dropeffect "none" = undefined | "copy" = undefined | "execute" = undefined | "link" = undefined | "move" = undefined | "popup" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates what functions can be performed when a dragged object is released on the drop target.
aria-errormessage undefined | string AriaAttributes Identifies the element that provides an error message for the object.
aria-expanded boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates whether the element, or another grouping element it controls, is currently expanded or collapsed.
aria-flowto undefined | string AriaAttributes Identifies the next element (or elements) in an alternate reading order of content which, at the user's discretion,
aria-grabbed boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates an element's "grabbed" state in a drag-and-drop operation.
aria-haspopup boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined | "menu" = undefined | "listbox" = undefined | "tree" = undefined | "grid" = undefined | "dialog" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates the availability and type of interactive popup element, such as menu or dialog, that can be triggered by an element.
aria-hidden boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates whether the element is exposed to an accessibility API.
aria-invalid boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined | "grammar" = undefined | "spelling" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates the entered value does not conform to the format expected by the application.
aria-keyshortcuts undefined | string AriaAttributes Indicates keyboard shortcuts that an author has implemented to activate or give focus to an element.
aria-label undefined | string AriaAttributes Defines a string value that labels the current element.
aria-labelledby undefined | string AriaAttributes Identifies the element (or elements) that labels the current element.
aria-level undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines the hierarchical level of an element within a structure.
aria-live "off" = undefined | "assertive" = undefined | "polite" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates that an element will be updated, and describes the types of updates the user agents, assistive technologies, and user can expect from the live region.
aria-modal boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates whether an element is modal when displayed.
aria-multiline boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates whether a text box accepts multiple lines of input or only a single line.
aria-multiselectable boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates that the user may select more than one item from the current selectable descendants.
aria-orientation "horizontal" = undefined | "vertical" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates whether the element's orientation is horizontal, vertical, or unknown/ambiguous.
aria-owns undefined | string AriaAttributes Identifies an element (or elements) in order to define a visual, functional, or contextual parent/child relationship
aria-placeholder undefined | string AriaAttributes Defines a short hint (a word or short phrase) intended to aid the user with data entry when the control has no value.
aria-posinset undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines an element's number or position in the current set of listitems or treeitems.
aria-pressed boolean | "false" = undefined | "mixed" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates the current "pressed" state of toggle buttons.
aria-readonly boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates that the element is not editable, but is otherwise operable.
aria-relevant "additions" = undefined | "additions text" = undefined | "all" = undefined | "removals" = undefined | "text" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates what notifications the user agent will trigger when the accessibility tree within a live region is modified.
aria-required boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates that user input is required on the element before a form may be submitted.
aria-roledescription undefined | string AriaAttributes Defines a human-readable, author-localized description for the role of an element.
aria-rowcount undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines the total number of rows in a table, grid, or treegrid.
aria-rowindex undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines an element's row index or position with respect to the total number of rows within a table, grid, or treegrid.
aria-rowspan undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines the number of rows spanned by a cell or gridcell within a table, grid, or treegrid.
aria-selected boolean | "false" = undefined | "true" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates the current "selected" state of various widgets.
aria-setsize undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines the number of items in the current set of listitems or treeitems.
aria-sort "none" = undefined | "ascending" = undefined | "descending" = undefined | "other" = undefined AriaAttributes Indicates if items in a table or grid are sorted in ascending or descending order.
aria-valuemax undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines the maximum allowed value for a range widget.
aria-valuemin undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines the minimum allowed value for a range widget.
aria-valuenow undefined | number AriaAttributes Defines the current value for a range widget.
aria-valuetext undefined | string AriaAttributes Defines the human readable text alternative of aria-valuenow for a range widget.
autoCapitalize undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
autoCorrect undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
autoFocus undefined | false | true ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>  
autoSave undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
children undefined | ReactNode DOMAttributes  
className undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
color undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
contentEditable Booleanish | "inherit" = undefined HTMLAttributes  
contextMenu undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
dangerouslySetInnerHTML undefined | object DOMAttributes  
datatype undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
defaultChecked undefined | false | true HTMLAttributes  
defaultValue string | number | ReadonlyArray<string> HTMLAttributes  
dir undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
draggable undefined | Booleanish HTMLAttributes  
form undefined | string ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>  
formAction undefined | string ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>  
formEncType undefined | string ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>  
formMethod undefined | string ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>  
formNoValidate undefined | false | true ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>  
formTarget undefined | string ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>  
hidden undefined | false | true HTMLAttributes  
id undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
inlist undefined | any HTMLAttributes  
inputMode "none" = undefined | "text" = undefined | "tel" = undefined | "url" = undefined | "email" = undefined | "numeric" = undefined | "decimal" = undefined | "search" = undefined HTMLAttributes Hints at the type of data that might be entered by the user while editing the element or its contents
is undefined | string HTMLAttributes Specify that a standard HTML element should behave like a defined custom built-in element
itemID undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
itemProp undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
itemRef undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
itemScope undefined | false | true HTMLAttributes  
itemType undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
lang undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
name undefined | string ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>  
onAbort undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onAbortCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onAnimationEnd undefined | AnimationEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onAnimationEndCapture undefined | AnimationEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onAnimationIteration undefined | AnimationEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onAnimationIterationCapture undefined | AnimationEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onAnimationStart undefined | AnimationEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onAnimationStartCapture undefined | AnimationEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onAuxClick undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onAuxClickCapture undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onBeforeInput undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onBeforeInputCapture undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onBlur undefined | FocusEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onBlurCapture undefined | FocusEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCanPlay undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCanPlayCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCanPlayThrough undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCanPlayThroughCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onChange undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onChangeCapture undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onClick undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onClickCapture undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCompositionEnd undefined | CompositionEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCompositionEndCapture undefined | CompositionEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCompositionStart undefined | CompositionEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCompositionStartCapture undefined | CompositionEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCompositionUpdate undefined | CompositionEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCompositionUpdateCapture undefined | CompositionEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onContextMenu undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onContextMenuCapture undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCopy undefined | ClipboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCopyCapture undefined | ClipboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCut undefined | ClipboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onCutCapture undefined | ClipboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDoubleClick undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDoubleClickCapture undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDrag undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragCapture undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragEnd undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragEndCapture undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragEnter undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragEnterCapture undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragExit undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragExitCapture undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragLeave undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragLeaveCapture undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragOver undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragOverCapture undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragStart undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDragStartCapture undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDrop undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDropCapture undefined | DragEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDurationChange undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onDurationChangeCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onEmptied undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onEmptiedCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onEncrypted undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onEncryptedCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onEnded undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onEndedCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onError undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onErrorCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onFocus undefined | FocusEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onFocusCapture undefined | FocusEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onGotPointerCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onGotPointerCaptureCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onInput undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onInputCapture undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onInvalid undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onInvalidCapture undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onKeyDown undefined | KeyboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onKeyDownCapture undefined | KeyboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onKeyPress undefined | KeyboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onKeyPressCapture undefined | KeyboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onKeyUp undefined | KeyboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onKeyUpCapture undefined | KeyboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onLoad undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onLoadCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onLoadStart undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onLoadStartCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onLoadedData undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onLoadedDataCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onLoadedMetadataCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onLostPointerCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onLostPointerCaptureCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseDown undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseDownCapture undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseEnter undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseLeave undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseMove undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseMoveCapture undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseOut undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseOutCapture undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseOver undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseOverCapture undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseUp undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onMouseUpCapture undefined | MouseEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPaste undefined | ClipboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPasteCapture undefined | ClipboardEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPause undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPauseCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPlay undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPlayCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPlaying undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPlayingCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerCancel undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerCancelCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerDown undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerDownCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerEnter undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerEnterCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerLeave undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerLeaveCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerMove undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerMoveCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerOut undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerOutCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerOver undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerOverCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerUp undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onPointerUpCapture undefined | PointerEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onProgress undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onProgressCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onRateChange undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onRateChangeCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onReset undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onResetCapture undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onScroll undefined | UIEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onScrollCapture undefined | UIEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onSeeked undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onSeekedCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onSeeking undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onSeekingCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onSelect undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onSelectCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onStalled undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onStalledCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onSubmit undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onSubmitCapture undefined | FormEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onSuspend undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onSuspendCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTimeUpdate undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTimeUpdateCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTouchCancel undefined | TouchEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTouchCancelCapture undefined | TouchEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTouchEnd undefined | TouchEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTouchEndCapture undefined | TouchEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTouchMove undefined | TouchEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTouchMoveCapture undefined | TouchEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTouchStart undefined | TouchEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTouchStartCapture undefined | TouchEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTransitionEnd undefined | TransitionEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onTransitionEndCapture undefined | TransitionEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onVolumeChange undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onVolumeChangeCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onWaiting undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onWaitingCapture undefined | ReactEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onWheel undefined | WheelEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
onWheelCapture undefined | WheelEventHandler<HTMLButtonElement> DOMAttributes  
placeholder undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
prefix undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
property undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
radioGroup undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
resource undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
results undefined | number HTMLAttributes  
role undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
security undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
slot undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
spellCheck undefined | Booleanish HTMLAttributes  
style undefined | CSSProperties HTMLAttributes  
suppressContentEditableWarning undefined | false | true HTMLAttributes  
suppressHydrationWarning undefined | false | true HTMLAttributes  
tabIndex undefined | number HTMLAttributes  
title undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
translate "yes" = undefined | "no" = undefined HTMLAttributes  
type "submit" = undefined | "reset" = undefined | "button" = undefined ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>  
typeof undefined | string HTMLAttributes  
unselectable "on" = undefined | "off" = undefined HTMLAttributes  
value string | ReadonlyArray<string> | number ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>  
vocab undefined | string HTMLAttributes  

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Last Updated: 03 August, 2020