Name Description
ActionButtonList ActionButtonList React component. Beta
AlphaSlider AlphaSlider component used to set the alpha value. Beta
ArrayPropertyValueRenderer Default Array Property Renderer
BasePointTypeConverter Point type converter.
BasicPropertyEditor BasicPropertyEditor React component that uses the BasicPropertyEditor.TextEditor property editor. Beta
BeDragDropContextComponent React component for DragDrop API. Beta
BeInspireTree Bentley wrapper for 'inspire-tree'
BooleanEditor BooleanEditor React component that is a property editor with checkbox input Beta
BooleanPropertyEditor BooleanPropertyEditor React component that uses the BooleanPropertyEditor.BooleanEditor property editor. Beta
BooleanTypeConverter Boolean Type Converter.
Breadcrumb Breadcrumb navigation component, with two discrete modes: text mode, and dropdown mode. Beta
BreadcrumbDetails A Table containing all children of tree node specified in path. Beta
BreadcrumbNode Default BreadcrumbNode component Beta
BreadcrumbPath Breadcrumb Path class. Beta
BreadcrumbTreeUtils Utility class for tree searching and manipulation in the Breadcrumb component. Beta
BreadcrumbUpdateEvent BreadcrumbChangeEvent Event class. Beta
CellEditingEngine Tree Cell editing information Beta
ColorEditor ColorEditor React component that is a property editor with text input Beta
ColorPickerButton ColorPickerButton component Beta
ColorPropertyEditor ColorPropertyEditor returns React component ColorPropertyEditor.ColorEditor to select a color value. Beta
ColumnDragLayer React component used to portray a column being dragged during Table column reordering.
CompositePropertyValueRenderer Default Composite Property Renderer
CubeRotationChangeEvent 3d Cube Rotation Change event
DataControllerBase DataControllerBase is the base class for all Data Controllers. Beta
DateTimeTypeConverter Date Time Type Converter.
DateTimeTypeConverterBase DateTime Type Converter.
DoublePropertyValueRenderer Default Double Property Renderer
DrawingViewportChangeEvent Drawing View Change event
EditorContainer EditorContainer React component Beta
EnumButtonGroupEditor EnumButtonGroupEditor React component that is a property editor with select input Beta
EnumEditor EnumEditor React component that is a property editor with select input Beta
EnumPropertyButtonGroupEditor EnumPropertyButtonGroupEditor React component that uses the EnumPropertyButtonGroupEditor.EnumButtonGroupEditor property editor. Beta
EnumPropertyEditor EnumPropertyEditor React component that uses the EnumPropertyEditor.EnumEditor property editor. Beta
EnumTypeConverter Enum Type Converter.
EventsMuteContext A context which keeps EventsMuteContext.BeInspireTree events muted until
FilteringInput A helper component for filtering trees and stepping through results
FloatTypeConverter Float Type Converter.
HexadecimalTypeConverter Hexadecimal Type Converter.
HighlightingEngine Tree highlighting engine Beta
HueSlider HueSlider component used to set the hue value. Beta
IntTypeConverter Int Type Converter.
LineWeightSwatch LineWeightSwatch Functional component Beta
MergedPropertyValueRenderer Default Merged Property Renderer
MutableTreeModel Mutable tree model which holds nodes and allows adding or removing them. Beta
NavigationPropertyTypeConverter Navigation property type converter
NavigationPropertyValueRenderer Default Navigation Property Renderer
NonPrimitivePropertyLabelRenderer A React component that renders a non-primitive property label.
NonPrimitivePropertyRenderer React Component that renders struct and array properties
NumericTypeConverterBase Base Numeric Type Converter.
PagedTreeNodeLoader Default paged tree node loader with TreeDataProvider implementation. Beta
Point2dTypeConverter Point2d type converter.
Point3dTypeConverter Point3d type converter.
PrimitivePropertyLabelRenderer A React component that renders a primitive property label
PrimitivePropertyRenderer React Component that renders primitive properties
PrimitivePropertyValueRenderer Default Primitive Property Renderer
PropertyCategoryBlock PropertyCategoryBlock React component
PropertyDataChangeEvent An event broadcasted on property data changes
PropertyEditorBase PropertyEditor is the base class for all property editors. Beta
PropertyEditorManager Manages Property Editors. Beta
PropertyGrid PropertyGrid React component.
PropertyList A React component that renders multiple properties within a category as a list.
PropertyRenderer A React component that renders properties
PropertyValueRendererManager Default implementation of property value renderer manager
PropertyView A React component that renders property as label/value pair
ResultSelector Component for stepping through results/entries
SaturationPicker SaturationPicker component used to set the saturation value. Beta
ShortDateTypeConverter Short Date Type Converter.
ShowHideDialog Dialog Component used to toggle show/hide items, given through items prop, through a list of checkboxes.
ShowHideMenu ContextMenu Component used to toggle show/hide items, given through items prop, through a list of checkboxes.
SignIn React presentational component
SimplePropertyDataProvider Implementation of [PropertyDataProvider] that uses an associative array.
SimpleTableDataProvider A Table Data Provider using an array of items. Beta
SimpleTreeDataProvider A tree data provider using SimpleTreeDataProvider.SimpleTreeDataProviderHierarchy.
SparseArray Structure for sparse array value storage. Beta
StandardRotationChangeEvent Standard Rotation Change event
StringTypeConverter String Type Converter.
StructPropertyValueRenderer Default Struct Property Renderer
Table Table React component
TableArrayValueRenderer A react component which renders array property value as a button with text
TableCell A React component that renders a table cell
TableCellContent A React component that renders table cell content
TableDataChangeEvent An event broadcasted on table data changes
TableIconCellContent A React component that renders table cell content as a Bentley icon
TableNonPrimitiveValueRenderer A React component that renders non primitive values as a button with text.
TableStructValueRenderer A react component which renders struct property value as a button with text
TextEditor TextEditor React component that is a property editor with text input Beta
ToggleEditor ToggleEditor React component that is a property editor with checkbox input Beta
TogglePropertyEditor TogglePropertyEditor React component that uses the TogglePropertyEditor.ToggleEditor property editor. Beta
Tree A Tree React component that uses the core of BeInspireTree
TreeEventHandler Default tree event handler. Beta
TreeImageLoader Default image loader for the tree
TreeModelSource Controls tree model and visible tree nodes. Beta
TreeNode Default component for rendering a node for the Tree
TreeNodeLoader Default tree node loader with TreeDataProvider implementation. Beta
TypeConverter Type Converter base class.
TypeConverterManager Manages Type Converters.
UiComponents Entry point for static initialization required by various
ViewClassFullNameChangedEvent View Class Full Name Change event
ViewIdChangedEvent View Id Change event
ViewportComponent A viewport React component that creates a ScreenViewport.
ViewportComponentEvents Viewport Rotation events and methods
ViewRotationChangeEvent View Rotation Change event
WeightEditor WeightEditor React component that is a property editor with text input Beta
WeightPickerButton WeightPickerButton component Beta
WeightPropertyEditor WeightPropertyEditor returns React component WeightPropertyEditor.WeightEditor to select a color value. Beta


Name Description
BeDragDropContext Context component for DragDrop API. Beta
ItemStyleProvider Style provider for stylable items like ItemStyleProvider.CellItem and ItemStyleProvider.TreeNodeItem
TableRowStyleProvider Style provider for table rows
TreeNodeRenderer Default component for rendering tree node. Beta
TreeRendererContextConsumer Context of TreeRendererContextConsumer.TreeRenderer consumer. Beta
TreeRendererContextProvider Context of TreeRendererContextProvider.TreeRenderer provider. Beta
useTreeRendererContext Custom hook to use useTreeRendererContext.TreeRenderer context. Beta


Name Description
BeInspireTreeEvent Enum containing all events that may be emitted by BeInspireTreeEvent.BeInspireTree
BreadcrumbMode Enum for Breadcrumb Mode Beta
DropEffects Enum for different DropEffects. Beta
DropStatus Enum for status of current drag/drop item Beta
PropertyContainerType Types of property containers
SelectionMode Selection modes for Table and Tree row selection
SelectionModeFlags Selection mode flags for Table and Tree row selection
StandardTypeConverterTypeNames StandardTypeConverterTypeNames. Beta
TableSelectionTarget Specifies table selection target.

Global Functions

Name Description
ColorSwatch ColorSwatch Functional component Beta
ControlledTree React tree component which rendering is fully controlled from outside. Beta
createDefaultNodeLoadHandler Creates a function which can handle ITreeNodeLoader onNodeLoaded event. Beta
createModelSourceForNodeLoader Creates new model source and adds listener to supplied node loader's onNodeLoaded event Beta
from Helper method that creates an Observable from Iterable or Promise. Beta
hasChildren Determines whether node has children
hasFlag Determines if a SelectionMode is active
Returns true if property record has an anchor tag
isTreeDataProviderInterface Checks if isTreeDataProviderInterface.TreeDataProvider is an isTreeDataProviderInterface.ITreeDataProvider
isTreeDataProviderMethod Checks if isTreeDataProviderMethod.TreeDataProvider is a isTreeDataProviderMethod.TreeDataProviderMethod
isTreeDataProviderPromise Checks if isTreeDataProviderPromise.TreeDataProvider is a isTreeDataProviderPromise.TreeDataProviderPromise
isTreeDataProviderRaw Checks if isTreeDataProviderRaw.TreeDataProvider is a isTreeDataProviderRaw.TreeDataProviderRaw
isTreeModelNode Checks if object is isTreeModelNode.TreeModelNode Beta
isTreeModelNodePlaceholder Checks if object is isTreeModelNodePlaceholder.TreeModelNodePlaceholder Beta
isTreeModelRootNode Checks if object is isTreeModelRootNode.TreeModelRootNode Beta
Returns a list of links from a text
Renders anchor tag by wrapping or splitting provided text
TreeNodeEditor React component for displaying tree node editor Beta
TreeNodeIcon React component that renders tree node icons
TreeRenderer Default component for rendering tree. Beta
useModelSource Custom hook which creates TreeModelSource and modifies model when onNodeLoaded event is emitted. Beta
useNodeLoader Custom hook which creates TreeNodeLoader for supplied dataProvider. Beta
usePagedNodeLoader Custom hook which creates PagedTreeNodeLoader for supplied dataProvider. Beta
useVisibleTreeNodes Custom hook which returns visible nodes from model source and subscribes to onModelChanged event. Beta
withBreadcrumbDetailsDragDrop A HOC component that adds drag and drop functionality to the supplied Beta
withBreadcrumbDragDrop A HOC component that adds drag and drop functionality to the supplied breadcrumb component. Beta
withContextStyle Wraps a React component with a span element with a given style attribute
withDragSource HOC (Higher-Order Component) that transforms wrapped component into a DragSource. Beta
withDropTarget HOC (Higher-Order Component) that transforms wrapped component into a DropTarget. Beta
If record has links, wraps stringValue in them, otherwise returns unchanged stringValue
withTableDragDrop A HOC component that adds drag and drop functionality to the supplied table component. Beta
withTreeDragDrop A HOC component that adds drag and drop functionality to the supplied Beta


Name Description
ActionButtonListProps Properties of ActionButtonListProps.ActionButtonList React component Beta
ActionButtonRendererProps Properties of ActionButtonRendererProps.ActionButtonRenderer Beta
ActiveMatchInfo Active match info for highlightable ActiveMatchInfo.Tree Beta
AlphaSliderProps Properties for the AlphaSliderProps.AlphaSlider React component Beta
AsyncErrorMessage Asynchronous Error Message returned as part of AsyncErrorMessage.AsyncValueProcessingResult Beta
AsyncValueProcessingResult Asynchronous Value Process Result Beta
BeInspireTreeDataProviderInterface Signature for BeInspireTree data provider
BeInspireTreeNode Type definition for all BeInspireTree nodes
BeInspireTreeNodeConfig Be alias for Inspire.NodeConfig
BeInspireTreeNodeITree Be alias for Inspire.NodeConfig.ITree
BeInspireTreeNodePayloadConfig Data structure for BeInspireTreeNodePayloadConfig.BeInspireTreeNodeConfig with our injected props
BeInspireTreeNodes Definition of a list of BeInspireTreeNodes.BeInspireTreeNode with some additional filtering methods
BeInspireTreeProps Configuration properties for BeInspireTreeProps.BeInspireTree
BreadcrumbDetailsDragDropProps Props that are injected to the HOC component. Beta
BreadcrumbDetailsProps Properties for the BreadcrumbDetailsProps.BreadcrumbDetails component Beta
BreadcrumbDragDropProps Props that are injected to the HOC component. Beta
BreadcrumbNodeProps Properties for BreadcrumbNodeProps.BreadcrumbNode component Beta
BreadcrumbProps Properties for BreadcrumbProps.Breadcrumb component Beta
BreadcrumbUpdateEventArgs BreadcrumbChangeEvent Event Args class. Beta
CellItem Cell definition provided to Table.
CellProps Properties for a Table cell
CheckBoxInfo Immutable data structure that describes checkbox info. Beta
CheckboxStateChange Data structure that describes checkbox state change. Beta
ColorPickerProps Properties for the ColorPickerProps.ColorPickerButton React component Beta
ColorSwatchProps Properties for the ColorSwatchProps.ColorSwatch React component Beta
ColumnDescription Column definition provided to Table.
CompletionObserver CompletionObserver interface compatible with rxjs Beta
ControlledTreeProps Properties for ControlledTreeProps.ControlledTree Beta
CubeRotationChangeEventArgs Arguments for CubeRotationChangeEventArgs.CubeRotationChangeEvent
DataController DataControllers can be implemented per typename to validate and commit values. Beta
DelayLoadedTreeNodeItem A DelayLoadedTreeNodeItem.TreeNodeItem for delay-loaded trees
DragDropArguments Base DragDropArguments interface, used by both DragSourceArguments and DragTargetArguments. Beta
DragLayerProps Properties for DragLayer components Beta
DragSourceArguments Interface for arguments supplied to DragSource callbacks, including onDragSourceBegin, and onDragSourceEnd, as well as to the DragLayers as a prop. Beta
DragSourceProps Properties and callbacks for the withDragSource Higher-Order Component. Beta
DrawingViewportChangeEventArgs Arguments for DrawingViewportChangeEventArgs.DrawingViewportChangeEvent
DropTargetArguments Interface for arguments supplied to DropTarget callbacks, including onDropTargetOver, onDropTargetDrop, and canDropTargetDrop. Beta
DropTargetProps Properties and callbacks for the withDragSource Higher-Order Component. Beta
EditableTreeDataProvider EditableTreeDataProvider provides cell editing processing for the Tree.
EditableTreeProps Properties for a EditableTreeProps.Tree that has cell editing enabled Beta
EditorContainerProps EditorContainerProps.EditorContainer React component properties Beta
ErrorObserver ErrorObserver interface compatible with rxjs Beta
ExtendedTreeNodeRendererProps Extended properties for ExtendedTreeNodeRendererProps.TreeNodeRenderer. Beta
FilteringInputProps FilteringInputProps.FilteringInput React Component properties
HighlightableTreeNodeProps Properties for a highlightable HighlightableTreeNodeProps.TreeNode Beta
HighlightableTreeProps Properties for the HighlightableTreeProps.HighlightingEngine Beta
HueSliderProps Properties for the HueSliderProps.HueSlider React component Beta
IElementPropertyDataProvider An interface for element property data provider which returns Beta
IImageLoader Interface for an image loader.
ImmediatelyLoadedTreeNodeItem A ImmediatelyLoadedTreeNodeItem.TreeNodeItem for immediately loaded trees
IPropertyDataProvider An interface for property data provider which returns
IPropertyValueRenderer Custom property value renderer interface
ItemColorOverrides Color overrides for styled item
ItemStyle Style properties for styled item like ItemStyle.CellItem and ItemStyle.TreeNodeItem
ITreeDataProvider Interface for a tree data provider class
ITreeImageLoader Interface for a tree image loader
ITreeNodeLoader Tree node loader which is used to load tree nodes. Beta
ITreeNodeLoaderWithProvider Tree node loader which uses TreeDataProvider to load nodes. Beta
LessGreaterOperatorProcessor Operators for Numeric types, DateTime, TimeSpan, or any type that supports these comparisons
LineWeightSwatchProps Properties for the LineWeightSwatchProps.LineWeightSwatch React component Beta
LoadedBinaryImage Image data for raw images
LoadedImage Image data for string based images
LoadedNodeHierarchy Data structure that describes hierarchy loaded for parent node. Beta
LoadedNodeHierarchyItem Data structure that describes one loaded hierarchy item. Beta
MutableCheckBoxInfo Mutable data structure that describes checkbox info. Beta
MutableTableDataProvider MutableTableDataProvider provides mutation methods for data in the Table. Beta
MutableTreeDataProvider MutableTreeDataProvider provides manipulation processing for the Tree. Beta
MutableTreeModelNode Mutable data structure that describes tree node. Beta
NextObserver NextObserver interface compatible with rxjs Beta
NodeCheckboxProps Properties for Checkbox in NodeCheckboxProps.TreeNode
NonPrimitivePropertyLabelRendererProps Properties for the NonPrimitivePropertyLabelRendererProps.NonPrimitivePropertyLabelRenderer React component
NonPrimitivePropertyRendererProps Properties of NonPrimitivePropertyRendererProps.NonPrimitivePropertyRenderer React component
NullableOperatorProcessor Operators for all filterable null-able types
Observable Observable interface compatible with rxjs Beta
OperatorProcessor Operators for all filterable types
PageOptions Paging options.
PrimitivePropertyLabelRendererProps Properties of a PrimitivePropertyLabelRendererProps.PrimitivePropertyLabelRenderer React component
PrimitiveRendererProps Properties of PrimitiveRendererProps.PrimitivePropertyRenderer React component
PropertyCategory Contains metadata about a group of Properties.
PropertyCategoryBlockProps Properties for the PropertyCategoryBlockProps.PropertyCategoryBlock React component
PropertyData Interface for property data provided to the PropertyGrid React component.
PropertyDialogState State of the Dialog component in a container which renders properties
PropertyEditingArgs Arguments for the Property Editing event callback
PropertyEditorProps Properties for a property editor component Beta
PropertyGridCategory Property Category in the PropertyGridCategory.PropertyGrid state
PropertyGridContextMenuArgs Arguments for PropertyGridProps.onPropertyContextMenu callback
PropertyGridProps Properties for PropertyGridProps.PropertyGrid React component
PropertyLabelRendererProps Base properties for a property label renderer
PropertyListProps Properties of PropertyList React component
PropertyPopupState State of the Popup component in a container which renders properties
PropertyRendererProps Properties of PropertyRendererProps.PropertyRenderer React component
PropertyUpdatedArgs Arguments for the Property Updated event callback Beta
PropertyValueRendererContext Additional parameters to the renderer
PropertyViewProps Properties of PropertyViewProps.PropertyView React component
ReactDataGridColumn ReactDataGrid.Column with additional properties
ResultSelectorProps ResultSelectorProps.ResultSelector React Component properties
RowItem Row definition provided to Table.
RowProps Properties for a Table row
SaturationPickerProps Properties for the SaturationPickerProps.SaturationPicker React component Beta
SharedRendererProps Properties shared by all renderers and PropertyView
SharedTableNonPrimitiveValueRendererProps Shared properties between table non-primitive value renderers
ShowHideDialogProps Properties for the ShowHideDialogProps.ShowHideDialog component
ShowHideItem Interface for ShowHide items
ShowHideMenuProps Properties for the ShowHideMenuProps.ShowHideMenu component
SignInProps Properties for the SignInProps.SignIn component
SortComparer Sort compare method for types that support sorting
StandardRotationChangeEventArgs Arguments for StandardRotationChangeEventArgs.StandardRotationChangeEvent
StringOperatorProcessor Operators for string types
Subscribable Subscribable interface compatible with rxjs Beta
Subscription Subscription interface compatible with rxjs Beta
TableCellContentProps Properties of the TableCellContent React component
TableCellContextMenuArgs Arguments for TableProps.onCellContextMenu callback Beta
TableCellEditorState Cell/Property Editor state
TableCellProps Properties of the TableCell React component
TableCellUpdatedArgs Cell/Property Updated Args
TableDataProvider TableDataProvider provides data to the Table.
TableDragDropProps Props that are injected to the HOC component. Beta
TableDropTargetProps Properties for the Table's DropTarget. Beta
TableIconCellContentProps Properties for the TableIconCellContent React component
TableNonPrimitiveValueRendererProps Properties for TableNonPrimitiveValueRendererProps.TableNonPrimitiveValueRenderer React component
TableProps Properties for the Table React component
TableSpecificValueRendererProps Properties for TableSpecificValueRendererProps.TableArrayValueRenderer and TableSpecificValueRendererProps.TableStructValueRenderer React component
TreeActions Tree actions that can be performed on tree. Beta
TreeCellUpdatedArgs Arguments for the Tree Cell Updated event callback Beta
TreeCheckboxStateChangeEvent Data structure that describes tree checkbox state change event payload. Beta
TreeDragDropProps Props that are injected to the HOC component. Beta
TreeEditingParams Params used for tree node editing. Beta
TreeEventHandlerParams Data structure that describes tree event handler params. Beta
TreeEvents Tree events that can occur while interacting with tree. Beta
TreeModel Data structure that describes tree model. Beta
TreeModelNode Immutable data structure that describes tree node. Beta
TreeModelNodeEditingInfo Data structure that holds callbacks used for tree node editing. Beta
TreeModelNodeInput Data structure that describes input used to create tree node. Beta
TreeModelNodePlaceholder Data structure that describes tree node placeholder. Beta
TreeModelRootNode Data structure that describes tree root node. Beta
TreeNodeEditorProps Properties for TreeNodeEditor component Beta
TreeNodeEvent Data structure that describes tree node event payload. Beta
TreeNodeIconProps Properties for TreeNodeIconProps.TreeNodeIcon React component
TreeNodeItem A node item which can be displayed in a tree.
TreeNodeProps Properties for TreeNodeProps.TreeNode React component
TreeNodeRendererProps Properties for TreeNodeRendererProps.TreeNodeRenderer. Beta
TreeProps Properties for the TreeProps.Tree component
TreeRendererContext Context of TreeRendererContext.TreeRenderer component. Beta
TreeRendererProps Properties for TreeRendererProps.TreeRenderer component. Beta
TreeSelectionChange Data structure that describes tree selection change. Beta
TreeSelectionModificationEvent Data structure that describes tree selection modification event payload. Beta
TreeSelectionReplacementEvent Data structure that describes tree selection replacement event payload. Beta
TypeEditor Interface implemented by React based type editors Beta
Unsubscribable Unsubscribable interface compatible with rxjs Beta
ViewClassFullNameChangedEventArgs Arguments for ViewClassFullNameChangedEventArgs.ViewClassFullNameChangedEvent
ViewIdChangedEventArgs Arguments for ViewIdChangedEventArgs.ViewIdChangedEvent
ViewportProps Properties for ViewportProps.ViewportComponent component.
ViewRotationChangeEventArgs Arguments for ViewRotationChangeEventArgs.ViewRotationChangeEvent
VisibleTreeNodes Data structure that describes set of visible tree nodes as a flat list. Beta
WeightPickerProps Properties for the WeightPickerProps.WeightPickerButton React component Beta
WithDragSourceProps React properties for withDragSource Higher-Order Component Beta
WithDropTargetProps React properties for withDropTarget Higher-Order Component Beta


Name Description
ConvertedPrimitives Converted Primitives namespace

Type Aliases

Name Description
ActionButtonRenderer Renders a React component (usually a button) for a PropertyRecord Beta
BeInspireTreeDataProvider Type definition for all BeInspireTree data providers
BeInspireTreeDataProviderMethod Signature for BeInspireTree data provider
BeInspireTreeDataProviderPromise A Promise for DataProviderRaw
BeInspireTreeDataProviderRaw Array of tree node data elements
BeInspireTreeRenderer Type definition for a BeInspireTree renderer
BreadcrumbDetailsDragDropType Type for drag and drop, Beta
GetCurrentlyEditedNode Prototype for function to get the currently edited tree node Beta
HorizontalAlignment Type for Horizontal Alignment
Image Image data returned by an Image.IImageLoader
ImageFileFormat Type of raw image format
ImageSourceType Type of loaded image source:
MapPayloadToInspireNodeCallback Prototype for BeInspireTreeProps.mapPayloadToInspireNodeConfig
Observer Observer interface compatible with rxjs Beta
OnItemsDeselectedCallback Called after items were deselected.
OnItemsSelectedCallback Called after items were selected.
OnSelectionChanged Prototype for a Selection Changed handler
PropertyDataChangesListener A signature for property data change listeners
SetCurrentlyEditedNode Prototype for function to set the currently edited tree node Beta
ShowHideID Union type for all possible ShowHide IDs
SimpleTreeDataProviderHierarchy Used by SimpleTreeDataProviderHierarchy.SimpleTreeDataProvider.
TableDataChangesListener An interface table data change listeners
TableDragDropType Type for DragDrop drag item Beta
TreeDataChangesListener An interface tree data change listeners.
TreeDataProvider Type definition for all BeInspireTree data providers
TreeDataProviderMethod Signature for a method that returns TreeDataProviderPromise for supplied parent node
TreeDataProviderPromise A Promise for TreeDataProviderRaw
TreeDataProviderRaw Array of tree node data elements
TreeDragDropType Type for drag and drop, Beta
TreeModelNodeType Type definition of all tree model nodes. Beta
TreeNodeEditorRenderer Type for tree node editor renderer Beta
TreeNodeItemData Type definition of tree node item data. Beta

Last Updated: 24 January, 2020