Classes for working with an Item in a Toolbar, Widget, Backstage or Context Menu


Name Description  
BadgeType Specifies type of badge, if any, that should be overlaid on UI component. Beta
ConditionalDisplayType Used to specify if the UI item's visibility or enable state is affected by the testFunc defined in ConditionalDisplayType.ConditionalDisplaySpecification. Beta
GroupButtonDirection Available Group Button directions. Beta
RelativePosition Relative Position for popups  


Name Description  
AbstractCommandItemProps Definition for a Command item. Beta
AbstractConditionalItemProps Definition for a group of items that conditionally render based on UiSync events. Beta
AbstractGroupItemProps Definition for a Group Button that opens a group of items. Beta
AbstractIconProps Properties for an icon in an item Beta
AbstractItemProps Definition that specifies properties shared between many ConfigurableUi components. Beta
AbstractMenuItemProps Properties for a Menu item Beta
AbstractToolbarProps Definition for a Toolbar. Beta
AbstractToolItemProps Definition for a Tool item with a tool id. Beta
BaseItemState Base state for any 'stateful' component Beta
CommandHandler Definition for a command handler used by CommandItemProps. Beta
DescriptionProps Properties for a description in an item Beta
LabelProps Properties for a label in an item Beta
SyncUiProps Definition that allows component to register to monitor SyncUi events. Beta
TooltipProps Properties for a tooltip in an item Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
AnyItemProps Union of all Item definitions that can be specified in a GroupButton or ConditionalGroup Beta
AnyToolbarItemProps Union of all Item definitions that can be specified in a GroupButton or ConditionalGroup Beta
StringGetter Prototype for string getter function. Beta

Last Updated: 24 January, 2020