Types for defining graphical views of the contents of an iModel.


Name Description  
Camera The current position (eyepoint), lens angle, and focus distance of a camera.  
Frustum The region of physical (3d) space that appears in a view.  


Name Description  
NpcCenter The center point of the Normalized Plane Coordinate cube.  
NpcCorners The 8 corners of an NpcCorners.Npc Frustum.  


Name Description  
Npc The 8 corners of the Normalized Plane Coordinate cube.  


Name Description  
AuxCoordSystem2dProps Properties of AuxCoordSystem2d  
AuxCoordSystem3dProps Properties of AuxCoordSystem3d  
CameraProps JSON representation of a CameraProps.Camera.  
CategorySelectorProps Properties that define a CategorySelector  
ModelSelectorProps Properties that define a ModelSelector  
SpatialViewDefinitionProps Parameters to construct a SpatialViewDefinition  
ViewDefinition2dProps Parameters used to construct a ViewDefinition2d  
ViewDefinition3dProps Parameters to construct a ViewDefinition3d  
ViewDefinitionProps Parameters used to construct a ViewDefinition  
ViewQueryParams Parameters for performing a query on ViewDefinition classes.  
ViewStateProps Returned from IModelDb.Views.getViewStateData  

Last Updated: 24 January, 2020