Gradient.Symb Class

Multi-color area fill defined by a range of colors that vary by position. Gradient fill can be applied to planar regions.

see Gradient.SymbProps


Name Description
clone(): Gradient.Symb    
compare(other: Gradient.Symb): number Compare this symbology to another.  
equals(other: Gradient.Symb): boolean Returns true if this symbology is equal to another, false otherwise.  
getImage(width: number, height: number): ImageBuffer Applies this gradient's settings to produce a bitmap image.  
mapColor(value: number): ColorDef Maps a value to an RGBA value adjusted from a color present in this symbology's array.  
toJSON(): Gradient.SymbProps    
compareSymb(lhs: Gradient.Symb, rhs: Gradient.Symb): number Static Compares two gradient symbologies.  
createThematic(settings: ThematicGradientSettings): Gradient.Symb Static   Beta
fromJSON(json?: Gradient.SymbProps): Gradient.Symb Static create a GradientSymb from a json object.  


Name Type Description
angle undefined | Angle    
flags Gradient.Flags    
hasTranslucency Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
isOutlined Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if the Gradient.Flags.Outline flag is set.  
keys Gradient.KeyColor[]    
mode Gradient.Mode    
shift number    
thematicSettings undefined | ThematicGradientSettings   Beta
tint undefined | number    

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Last Updated: 03 May, 2020