FeatureAppearanceProvider Interface


Interface adopted by an object that can supply a FeatureAppearance given a Feature and a FeatureOverrides. This is useful for selectively overriding or agumenting a Viewport's symbology overrides.

see FeatureOverrides.getAppearance.


Name Description
getFeatureAppearance(overrides: FeatureOverrides, elemLo: number, elemHi: number, subcatLo: number, subcatHi: number, geomClass: GeometryClass, modelLo: number, modelHi: number, type: BatchType, animationNodeId: number): FeatureAppearance | undefined Given the base symbology overrides, supply the desired appearance overrides for the specified Feature, or undefined if the feature should not be drawn.  

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Last Updated: 02 September, 2020