TerrainSettings Class

Normalized version of TerrainProps for which provider has been validated and default values of all members are used.


Name Description
constructor(providerName: TerrainProviderName = "CesiumWorldTerrain", exaggeration: number = 1, applyLighting: boolean = false, heightOrigin: number = 0, heightOriginMode: TerrainHeightOriginMode = TerrainHeightOriginMode.Geodetic, locatable: boolean = true): TerrainSettings    
clone(changedProps?: TerrainProps): TerrainSettings Create a copy of this TerrainSettings, optionally modifying some of its properties.  
equals(other: TerrainSettings): boolean    
equalsJSON(json?: BackgroundMapProps): boolean Returns true if these settings are equivalent to the supplied JSON settings.  
toJSON(): TerrainProps    
fromJSON(json?: TerrainProps): TerrainSettings Static    


Name Type Description
applyLighting boolean Applying lighting can help to visualize subtle terrain variations.  
exaggeration number A value greater than one will cause terrain height to be exaggerated/scaled.  
heightOrigin number Origin value - height of the IModel origin at the project center as defined by heightOriginMode.  
heightOriginMode TerrainHeightOriginMode Determines how/if the heightOrigin is applied to the terrain height.  
locatable boolean   Deprecated
providerName TerrainProviderName Identifies the provider currently only CesiumWorldTerrain supported.  

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Last Updated: 10 August, 2020