RenderSchedule Namespace


A schedule (or script) for controlling the visibility, position and symbology of a series of elements over a period of time. A schedule script is exposed through DisplayStyleSettingsProps.


Name Description
RenderSchedule.ColorEntryProps Controls geometry color.
RenderSchedule.CuttingPlaneEntryProps Timeline entry controlling cutting plane.
RenderSchedule.CuttingPlaneProps Specifies properties for cutting plane.
RenderSchedule.ElementTimelineProps Animation timeline entries that apply to one or more elements.
RenderSchedule.ModelTimelineProps Animation timeline for a single model.
RenderSchedule.TimelineEntryProps Properties included in each property entry.
RenderSchedule.TimelineProps Timeline properties (extended by element, model and reality model timelines.
RenderSchedule.TransformEntryProps Timeline entry controlling transform.
RenderSchedule.TransformProps Specifies properties for a transform specified as s separate pivot, rotate and rotation or single transform.
RenderSchedule.VisibilityEntryProps Controls the visibility (inverse of transparency).

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Last Updated: 23 April, 2020