Classes that describe the relationships between elements.


Name Description  
CategoryOwnsSubCategories Relates a parent Category to SubCategory child elements.  
DrawingGraphicRepresentsElement Relates a DrawingGraphic to the DrawingGraphicRepresentsElement.Element that it represents  
ElementDrivesElement A Relationship where one Element drives another Element Beta
ElementEncapsulatesElements Relates a parent Element to child Elements which represent hidden parts of the Entity.  
ElementGroupsMembers An ElementRefersToElements relationship where one Element groups a set of other Elements.  
ElementOwnsChildElements Relates a parent Element to child Elements which represent parts of the Entity modeled by the parent Element.  
ElementOwnsExternalSourceAspects Relates an ElementOwnsExternalSourceAspects.Element and an ExternalSourceAspect that it owns.  
ElementOwnsMultiAspects Relates an ElementOwnsMultiAspects.Element and an ElementMultiAspect that it owns.  
ElementOwnsUniqueAspect Relates an ElementOwnsUniqueAspect.Element and an ElementUniqueAspect that it owns.  
ElementRefersToElements A Relationship where one Element refers to another Element  
GeometricElement2dHasTypeDefinition Relates a GeometricElement2d to its TypeDefinitionElement  
GeometricElement3dHasTypeDefinition Relates a GeometricElement3d to its TypeDefinitionElement  
GraphicalElement2dIsOfType Relates a GraphicalElement2d to its GraphicalType2d  
GraphicalElement3dRepresentsElement Relates a GraphicalElement3d to the GraphicalElement3dRepresentsElement.Element that it represents  
PhysicalElementAssemblesElements Relates a parent PhysicalElement to PhysicalElement children that it assembles.  
PhysicalElementIsOfType Relates a PhysicalElement to its PhysicalType  
Relationship Base class for all link table ECRelationships  
Relationships Manages Relationships.Relationships.  
RenderMaterialOwnsRenderMaterials Relates a parent RenderMaterial to RenderMaterial child elements.  
SpatialLocationIsOfType Relates a SpatialLocationElement to its SpatialLocationType  
SubjectOwnsPartitionElements Relates a parent Subject to InformationPartitionElement child elements.  
SubjectOwnsSubjects Relates a parent Subject to Subject child elements.  


Name Description  
ElementDrivesElementProps Properties that are common to all types of ElementDrivesElements Beta
ElementGroupsMembersProps Properties that are common to all types of link table ECRelationships  
RelationshipProps Properties that are common to all types of link table ECRelationships  
SourceAndTarget Specifies the source and target elements of a SourceAndTarget.Relationship instance.  

Last Updated: 19 March, 2020