Polyface Class

A Polyface is n abstract mesh structure (of unspecified implementation) that provides a PolyfaceVisitor to iterate over its facets.


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Name Description
constructor(data: PolyfaceData): Polyface Protected    
createVisitor(_numWrap: number): PolyfaceVisitor Abstract create and return a visitor for this concrete polyface.  
areIndicesValid(indices: number[] | undefined, indexPositionA: number, indexPositionB: number, data: any | undefined, dataLength: number): boolean Static Check validity of indices into a data array.  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
clone(): GeometryQuery | undefined Abstract GeometryQuery return a clone
cloneTransformed(transform: Transform): GeometryQuery | undefined Abstract GeometryQuery return a transformed clone.
dispatchToGeometryHandler(handler: GeometryHandler): any Abstract GeometryQuery * "double dispatch" call pattern.
extendRange(rangeToExtend: Range3d, transform?: Transform): void Abstract GeometryQuery extend rangeToExtend by the range of this geometry multiplied by the transform
isAlmostEqual(other: GeometryQuery): boolean GeometryQuery test for exact structure and nearly identical geometry.
isSameGeometryClass(other: GeometryQuery): boolean Abstract GeometryQuery test if (other instanceof this.Type).
range(transform?: Transform, result?: Range3d): Range3d GeometryQuery return the range of the entire (tree) GeometryQuery
tryTransformInPlace(transform: Transform): boolean Abstract GeometryQuery Attempt to transform in place.
tryTranslateInPlace(dx: number, dy: number = 0, dz: number = 0): boolean GeometryQuery try to move the geometry by dx,dy,dz


Name Type Description
data PolyfaceData Underlying polyface data.  
geometryCategory "polyface" = "polyface" String name for schema properties  
isEmpty Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if this polyface has no facets.  
twoSided Accessor boolean Flag indicating if the mesh display must assume both sides are visible.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
children Accessor ReadOnly GeometryQuery[] | undefined GeometryQuery return GeometryQuery children for recursive queries.

* leaf classes do not need to implement.

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Last Updated: 14 October, 2020