Primitive Types

  • binary – An array of bytes
  • boolean (bool) – A boolean value
  • dateTime – A DateTime value.

    • Can store a Date, a Time, or a Date and Time. Use the CoreCustomAttribute DateTimeInfo to identify which component of time a DateTime the value is storing and if it is in UTC or Local timezone.
    <DateTimeInfo xmlns="CoreCustomAttributes.01.00.02">
  • double – A double precision float value

  • int – A 32-bit integer value
  • long – A 64-bit integer value
  • point2d – A Point2d contains both X and Y components as double values.
  • point3d – A Point3d contains X, Y and Z components as double values.
  • string – A System.String in .NET and a Utf8String or Utf8CP in native
  • Bentley.Geometry.Common.IGeometry – A common geometry value of any type. See Common Geometry documentation for more information on individual types.

Last Updated: 08 January, 2020